Gallery™ Digital Signage and Retail

The Gallery™ Digital Promotions Center is the ideal customized communication product to inform and effectively engage your shoppers during their purchase time. The Gallery™ Promotion Center, located throughout your retail chain network, will help profitably build your business by;

  • Dynamically displaying and promoting featured items from your circular or weekly/monthly insert;
  • Advertising nationally or store branded products;
  • Presenting unique department programs;
  • Showcasing chain sponsorship events;
  • Educating consumer on the shopping experience; and
  • Generating considerable scale benefits as can be operated from a single location.

By implementing the Gallery™ Digital Promotional Center, you will strengthen customer, associate, and vendor loyalty while building your overall retail business.

The Gallery™ Digital Promotions Center Product

The core communication and marketing benefits of the Digital Promotions Center Solution is that each of the Gallery™ Digital Promotions Centers (DPC) can be operated from a single authorized user at the stores headquarters or other predetermined location. The scale benefits are considerable as the users will have the ability to:

  • Rotate multiple advertising campaigns at selected times and/or at selected stores or store districts;
  • Offer various levels of advertising to vendors based on factors such as, placement in the insert/feature, gross margin, holiday/seasonal activity, ect.
  • Present unique department promotional or marketing campaigns at selected times to targeted unique store group shoppers and;
  • Inform Shoppers of elements such as recipes and how – to items.
  • Additionally, the DPC will have the capability through shelving to hold circular insert or information that will align with the promoted display.

As an economic enabler, the investment in the Gallery™ Digital Promotion Retail Solution will be more than offset from increased gross margin benefits from increase in same store sales, better product mix, as well as generating promotional and advertising opportunities from local and national suppliers.

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