Gallery™ Digital Signage and Healthcare

The Gallery™ signage solution for healthcare is a dynamic communication vehicle to engage and inform patients, and health professionals.

Multiple benefits include:

  • Educating patients in waiting rooms by providing medical information;
  • Presenting healthcare products, services, insurance issues and address specific needs;
  • Highlighting impacts of before and after procedures;
  • Showcasing health fairs and screenings in the local community; and
  • Displaying philanthropic efforts involving the medical community
  • Engages patients and visitors at hospitals and other health care facilities
  • on programs, services and targeted health messaging.

  • Shares wellness benefits with business, education and public sector to
    help reduce health care costs.
  • Educates the senior adult care community on health needs, news and advice on how to live better lives.
  • Delivers exercise, wellness and nutritional tips to the fitness industry.
  • Presents national and regional initiatives that focus on health and wellness
    programs for communities.

The Digital Community Center comes in multiple product options including a kiosk, countertop and wall mounted displays.

Overall the Gallery™ Digital Signage will effectively engage and inform those involved in the healthcare community.

Download our Healthcare brochure here: brochure  Adobe Acrobat

Who Needs Digital Signage?

Gallery™ Digital Signage Solutions provides a unique combination of multimedia technology that will inform and effectively engage your audience. The Gallery™ Digital Signage software offering varies from single use to multiple use options showcased through a wide range of kiosks and displays. GalleryTM Digital Signage is flexible, scalable, affordable and meets the needs of multiple applications. The power of Gallery™ comes from the combination of entertainment, electronics and multimedia communication.