Retail Presentation d5Retail – Gallery™ Digital Signage

Inform and effectively engage your shoppers during their purchase time.
Transform in-store experiences right at the Point-of-Sale with Gallery Digital Signage solutions.

  • Enhancing in-store customer experience
  • Instantly updating targeted local, regional, or national promotions
  • Reducing printed material expense while increasing the frequency of updates
  • Educating consumers with health & wellness and recipe ideas, for example
  • Using it for associate training, education, company event, and general communications
  • Engaging shoppers at the critical Point-of-Purchase, with eye-catching dynamic offers
  • Rotate multiple advertising campaigns at selected times and/or at selected stores or store districts
  • Offer various levels of advertising to vendors based on factors such as, placement in the insert/feature, gross margin, holiday/seasonal activity, etc.
  • Advertising high margin, store branded products or vendor supported national brands
  • Present unique department promotional or marketing campaigns at selected times to targeted unique store group shoppers and;

As an economic enabler, the investment in the Gallery™ Digital Promotion Retail Solution will be more than offset from increased gross margin benefits from increase in same store sales, better product mix, as well as generating promotional and advertising opportunities from local and national suppliers.

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