Travel – Gallery™ Digital Signage

We provide the ideal platform to implement your comprehensive digital travel information and digital signage solution for your traffic.
The Gallery™ Digital Signage Board will:

  • Dynamically promote schedules, and updates
  • Feature advertisements for certain time periods, to target segments
  • Display Alerts
  • Offer opportunities to adjust information form a central location
  • Weather updates

Overall, the Gallery™ Digital Signage Series will help you profitably build your operations while enhancing the customer service experience.

  • Engages viewers with attention grabbing graphics to up-sell and present new items.
  • Enables easy content changes
  • Reduces perceived wait time with dynamic messaging and sharp videos.
  • Offers opportunity to remotely update information and content for multiple locations.
  • Eliminates recurring costs associated with printing and shipping of static materials.


Digital signage is ideal for advertising and promoting your company or organization’s events or products. The flexible software configurations allows for multiple displays from streaming video to graphics and photos. Need advice? We’ll help you design the best display(s) for your promotional dollar.

Download our Restaurant brochure here: brochure   Adobe Acrobat

Gallery™ Digital signage is the ideal product for digitally showcasing your content. Find out how easy it is to create impactful messages that will get results.

Who Needs Digital Signage?

Gallery™ Digital Signage Solutions provides a unique combination of multimedia technology that will inform and effectively engage your audience. The Gallery™ Digital Signage software offering varies from single use to multiple use options showcased through a wide range of kiosks and displays. GalleryTM Digital Signage is flexible, scalable, affordable and meets the needs of multiple applications. The power of Gallery™ comes from the combination of entertainment, electronics and multimedia communication.