Corporate -Gallery™ Digital Signage


The Gallery™ Digital Signage Solution is ideal for corporations of all sizes, and offers value at all levels.

  • Boardroom- can be used to prototype promotional materials “live”, as consumers will see them.
  • Trade Shows- the ultimate in dynamic, high-impact consumer draw.
  • Public area information and announcements
  • Engaging customers and employees at your locations on programs, new products and services.
  • Educating employees and customers on national and community based initiatives.
  • Allowing employee training, all updated from a centralized location.
  • Replacing print and posters with engaging digital displays.
  • Presenting organizations with safety and human resource communications.

Gallery™ Digital Signage provides a full spectrum solution for corporate needs, and is valuable to Human Resources Departments, Marketing Departments and Senior Management needs.

Download our Corporate brochure here: brochure  Adobe Acrobat

Why Digital Signage?

Gallery™ Digital Signage Solutions provides a unique combination of multimedia technology that will inform and effectively engage your audience. The Gallery™ Digital Signage software offering varies from single use to multiple use options showcased through a wide range of kiosks and displays. GalleryTM Digital Signage is flexible, scalable, affordable and meets the needs of multiple applications. The power of Gallery™ comes from the combination of entertainment, electronics and multimedia communication.