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Leica Case Study


    Customer Name

  • Leica

  • 977 F Street, NW Washington, D.C.

  • Retail

  • Branding
  • Sales Growth
  • Customer Entertainment

  • Gallery™ Digital Signage
    Enterprise Solution

Customer Overview

Leica’s retail location in downtown Washington, DC – the first in North America – carries the full line of current Leica products. The Leica Store Washington DC is not only a retail space for precision photographic and optical equipment; it is a place where customers seek to ignite the spark of creative inspiration in photographers at all skill levels. The showroom showcases a rotating exhibit of images, enabling customers to get an up-close look at how Leica has become a witness to history and a tool in creating the finest photographic art.


When Leica decided to open their first North America “flagship” store, they turned to digital signage to enhance their customer’s experience. The store, although not large, has three distinct areas: retail, the gallery and the studio, each with specific goals.

Gallery™ Enterprise Solution

Gallery™ Digital Signage installed 6 displays. The displays are connected through the Gallery™ Enterprise system via a touch panel control system. Each display system has two 32” displays back to back in each of their front windows; along with two 55” displays (one portrait and one landscape) hanging on the wall opposite the front door in the retail space. The Gallery™ displays exhibit extremely high resolution video and static images to showcase Leica digital photography.