Gallery™ Digital Signage and Corporate

The Gallery™ Digital Signage Solution is ideal for corporations of all sizes, and offers value at all levels.

  • Training Rooms- allow employees standardized training, all updated from a centralized location. Allows all training and employee education to be uniform across multiple locations.
  • Boardroom- can be used to prototype promotional materials “live”, as consumers will see them.
  • Trade Shows- the ultimate in dynamic, high-impact consumer draw.
  • Public area information and announcements

Gallery™ Digital Signage provides a full spectrum solution for corporate needs, and is valuable to Human Resources Departments, Marketing Departments and Senior Management needs.


Digital signage is the best way to project your organization’s data, announcements and any information you would like your suppliers, customers, members or employees to see. With digital signage, you can combine video, graphics, announcements and other informational data on one LCD screen. In addition, you can include services such as stock market tickers, weather reports and news feeds to keep your constituents informed and engaged. Most importantly, digital signage can help your organization grow through a way not possible before!


Digital signage is so flexible that you can communicate from one location to hundreds simultaneously. Our attractively priced systems can be centrally controlled by you or a central web-based system, and capable of powering displays across the room and across the globe. The messages can be uniform or customized for multiple locations using the Gallery™ hardware and software systems.


If you have a business or want to communicate important information to clients, employees, worshippers or the general public – you can use digital signage. Digital signage is ideal to inform, educate and profit. Whether your facilities are local or international, digital signage is the fastest, most impactful method to display information in a time critical manner.


Digital signage is ideal for advertising store specials, displaying manufacturer’s product with coop advertising dollars, selling advertising space to area merchants and promoting your company or organization’s events or products. The flexible software configurations allows for multiple displays from streaming video to graphics and photos. Need advice? We’ll help you design the best display(s) for your promotional dollar.

Download our Corporate brochure here: brochure  Adobe Acrobat